Media Relations

GPAC has experience in combining strategic message development, communications technology, and media techniques that enable us to develop effective public affairs campaigns for issues and organizations at both the grass roots and national levels. We utilize strategic techniques and activities to educate the public and media in support of a client’s objective. Our public and media relations’ abilities offer a full range of services to clients which allows them to recast issues, shape public policy debates, and broaden their outreach campaigns. The backbone of every successful public affairs campaign is careful issue research. By measuring public opinion on client issues, research removes the guesswork from comprehensive strategic planning.

utilizes the most thorough and advanced research techniques – focus groups, market studies, voter analyses, and demographic surveys. These techniques pinpoint the concerns of constituents and allow us to develop the most effective messages to mobilize their support.

Our public and media relations abilities provide highly visible coverage for clients through carefully targeted campaign planning and coordination, including:

Message Development

Message and context are crucial in reaching a client’s audience in drawing the attention of the local, state, and national press. GPAC designs and develops a strategic framework for “pitching” the client’s issue to the broader audience including constituents, legislative representatives, policy makers, and the press. 


Press Materials

GPAC designs, drafts and produces all press materials, including advisories, press releases, remarks, talking points, and fact sheets to meet a client’s needs.


 Press Conferences 

We are skilled and experienced at coordinating effective events, planning and conducting informative, appealing and media friendly press conferences held on the local, state, and national venues.  


Media Outreach 

We tailor each media outreach campaign to insure the success of a client’s objectives. In addition, we respond effectively to all queries and schedule interviews with print and electronic media – including television networks and the Internet.


Brochures and Advertisements 

Newspaper, radio, and television advertisements, along with flyers and brochures are utilized for their attention-grabbing power to reach the broader audiences.


Editorial Promotion 

GPAC helps clients influence opinion-makers and shape public opinion to their advantage through skilled editorial promotion, including coordinating editorial board meetings, writing and timely placement of op-ed articles, letters to the editor, and other editorial coverage.