GPAC is built on providing the maximum opportunity for its clients without the costly overhead of the outdated brick and mortar PR firms. And it’s really quite simple, most of these firms have lost their premium talent to freelance.

At GPAC we were the first to recognize this exodus of highly talented individuals and have secure the resumes of some of the finest- brightest minds insuring that your project receives the skillful attention it deserves. 

Therefore, whether creating a marketing plan for a startup nonprofit to the industrial site facilitation requiring local and state resources. There are literally hundreds of possibilities that GPAC can deliver on timely at a cost that is affordable.

John M. Sullivan, II.  John is the founder and principal associate with GPAC.  The development of the firm has been a career-fulfilling desire of John since his entrance into politics in 1984. His lobbying career has entertained such notable advances as Tort Reform and Gaming, as well as the election of the state’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction. Currently, his client list details a cross section of the state’s most dynamic innovators in the fields of Information Technology, Healthcare, Workers Compensation, and Tourism.

With a MBA from Millsaps College and a Mdiv from Church Divinity School of the Pacific along with an Urban Planning / Economics undergraduate from the University of Southern Mississippi; John brings a clear macro sense of economic understanding, maintaining a ‘big picture’ approach for all of his business development endeavors as well as legislative counterparts. John has maintained for himself a bi-partisan approach to the electorate of Mississippi providing a clear unbiased problem-solving approach for the needs and desires of each client of GPAC.

John has held several key positions within state and local government

From 1995-1996 John was special assistant to the Mayor of Jackson Kane Ditto under the direction of Charles (Bubba) Weir, in Economic Development and Industrial Development. Credits include the 1996 planning development and properties.

In 2008 John was invited back to the City of Jackson, this time as special assistant to the Mayor Frank Melton, under the direction of Leland Speed, in special planning projects; implementation of the Surratt for the Capitol City.

From 2008-2012 John was the acting executive director of the Mississippi State Board of Public Contractors overseeing 12,000 commercial and residential contractor’s and residential homebuilders throughout the state.